Monday, 26 May 2008

Canvas stamped painting

Well I have had a set of stamps since Alley Palley and I have been waiting to create something with them. First of all I covered a canvas using gesso and I then started to stamp, building up the picture I wanted. I blended in the inks to make the overall picture look hazy. I have to say I love the result!! I just hope you can see well enough in the pictures.


craftyscot said...

WOW! spectacular stuff Tina, love the way you have built up the picture

Linda Elbourne said...

WOW - you clever girlie you X

Hels said...

WOW Tina, this is stuuuuuuning .... you are so clever...and I really admire the fact that you can stamp onto canvas and it just looks!!

Mezza said...

Wow that is so cool!
Fab work Tina.
Mez xxx

Nic said...

FANTASTIC, i love it, gutted i didn't get a set of those stamps now lol