Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I've been tagged!

Thanks to one of my Sisters, Sharon from SBS16 for tagging me! I have to give 7 facts you may not know about me! Here goes:-

1. I love to sing, I sing all the time.
2. I would have loved to be a lawyer, but I do love my job
3. I like to do things like eating crisps in even numbers! (Don't run off, I promise I'm not mad! lol)
4. I'm LOVE George Clooney
5. I love music by anyone really, if I like a song it doesn't matter who sang it
6. I love dogs, cats are ok too
7. Like Sharon I met so many new friends through crafting and I am so happy about that xx

I would like to tag.............


these are five of my new sisters so it would be fun to find out some things about them xx


Kazza said...

Hi Tina
just dropping by to say Hi to a fellow SBS 16. Lurve your dominos :O)

craftyscot said...

Hi Tina, thanks for responding to me tagging you. Next time we meet up we shall sing our little hearts out shall we?LOL!

Rita Holmes said...

Hi Tina..just stopping by to say Hi. I'm a fellow SBS Sister and was just checking out your stuff. It was fun reading about you.