Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Question 1 - What were you doing ten years ago?
This is when me and Darren brought our house, so very exciting, although it had taken 2 years to find!
Question 2 - What were you doing a year ago?
Like my friend Helen who tagged me, I was watching Tim Holtz!! I stood right next to his table and he was passing bits to me to pass around and I was being a complete pain saying "I touched it first"!! I still laugh today because Helen had said she licked his ear!! Now I'm 99% sure she's telling fibs but you never know :o) xx I also started my own business.
Question 3 - Name your 5 favourite snacks.
Crisps, nuts :o) Special K bars, Galaxy and rich tea biscuits! So healthy!!!
Question 4 - Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Pay off my families mortgages, treat my crafty friends to the Tim Holtz cruise followed by 2 weeks craft shopping in the US, Buy Darren the car of his dreams, buy a property in all my fav places, treat my nephews!
Question 5 - Name 5 things you like doing.
Being with Darren and my dog and my family (does that count as one lol!), Craft! Reading! Working (I know I'm sad!), Laying by the pool, Shopping! Sorry couldn't keep to 5 :o)
Question 6 - Name 5 things you will never wear again.
Rah rah skirts, (I'm with you Hels!),Yesterdays Knickers! (sorry I'm lowering the tone lol), The colour yellow, Sam suits and a size 10 dress!
Question 7 - Name your 5 favourite things.
Darren, my dog, Family, Friends my new craft bag (I'm so shallow :o))
Now, I have to tag 5 peeps... I don't know how to tag so I hope they see this lol! here are the names Shazza, Dan, CraftyC, She and Denize xxx Thanks for the tag Hels I really enjoyed it xx

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craftyscot said...

thanks for tagging me Tina, loved reading all about you :0)